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An efficient Product Information Management (PIM) system is becoming an increasingly decisive success factor for businesses. Efficiency results from avoiding unnecessary work steps. We have worked hard to develop one of the most efficient PIM systems on the market. By deliberately avoiding unnecessary features and duplication, while at the same time maximizing modularity, we have created a system that is intuitive to use and can be tailored precisely to suit the needs of your company.

What can we do
that others can't?

Individual adaptations

More precision

Every company is different. That’s why we don’t believe in “one-fits-all solutions". OctoPIM is a basic product, that provides sufficient freedom for individual adaptations to clients’ processes and structures. Implemented PIM thus has exactly those features that our clients need for optimal product data management and has the ability to grow with new requirements. The best thing about it: You only pay for what you really need.

Adjustable variant depth

More freedom

Most conventional PIM systems only offer two variant depths. In the case of a T-shirt, for example, this would be the color and the size. However, if you have other distinguishing features such as the shape of the neckline or the length, elaborate workarounds are often required. With OctoPIM you can differentiate the product as much as you like and avoid duplication. OctoPIM thus takes the actual diversity of your product range into account while saving you valuable time.

Eine Übersicht über Varianten in einer Attributgruppe.

Product and family specialization

More efficiency

Some items need to be treated as separate products, even though they have almost identical characteristics. Thus a printed book and the corresponding eBook version share practically all the same data, but belong to different product families and need to be entered twice. Here, too, we have managed to streamline the workflow significantly by describing similarities in a main family and differences in a family specialization.

Eine Übersicht von Spezialisierungen im Produkt "Momo".

Flexible quality inspection

More quality

Consistent data quality is essential for today’s retail business. OctoPIM has a highly flexible control system that ensures this consistency, enabling you to define criteria for each field that can, should, or must be met - and at the same time the scope of action of the person processing the data. This can include, for example, the length of the title or the number of product photos. If these criteria are not met, the consequences range from a friendly hint to the product not being released. But that is entirely up to you.

And we place value on the following

  • Omnichannel suitability

    As a centralized information system for all channels, OctoPIM stands for true omnichannel commerce.

  • Quality assurance

    Consistent data quality is ensured with intelligent rules, traceability and access to the processing history.

  • Seamless integration

    Its open software architecture enables OctoPIM to fits seamlessly into an existing system landscape.

  • Flexible expandability

    Adaptations to our clients’ processes and structures are always possible and can be customized to suit their needs.

  • Design

    Intuitive operation, sensible practical workflows, increased efficiency. And it is beautiful, too.

OctoPIM - Basic Functions


Product Management

Create and edit products, maintain product attributes, create variants and items (SKU).

Katalogisierung und Kategorisierung

Cataloging and Categorization

Product classification, import/export of catalogs

Produkt und Variantenlifecycle

Product Families

Families with attribute groups serve as templates and for the classification of products.

Security and Multi-Client Capability

Roles are tied to certain rights. A system can have several clients with separate user accounts.



Of languages, currencies, and systems of units



Capture the status of all automated tasks at a glance


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