Our team

Behind all software is a team. From idea to application lies a path that is paved by people.
Here we present these people.

Lena Kraaz

Since 2018
Product Owner

"The challenge of my work is prioritizing the different ideas and wishes concerning the product and keeping the focus. It's great to then see how the team transforms the requirements into real functionality for the users."

Carsten Pelka

Since 2018
Initial idea and domain architect

"Designing the current attribute model was an enormous challenge. The result is highly flexible from the customer's point of view and easily maintainable and extendable from the developer's point of view."


Andreas Voigt

Since 2018
Development, software architecture

"From a developer's perspective, for me the biggest challenge is finding the right level of abstraction to make OctoPIM fast, flexible, and productive."

Steffen Henschel

Steffen Henschel

Since 2019
Design und Frontend

"From the perspective of a designer, it is fascinating for me to see how the developers breathe life into the designs that you develop with the teams, and how bit by bit a complex application is built."

Grigory Kurmaev

Since 2021
Frontend, back end, operations

"The biggest challenge for me as a developer is drawing a line and saying that something is 'finished'. I sometimes have a  tendency to lose myself in the details and do more than requested. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just usually takes more time."

Kaja Gleiß

Since 2020

"Of all the work involved in marketing OctoPIM, it is the interface between the development team and the potential customers that excites me the most. Conveying technical solutions in a way that makes them understandable and easily accessible can sometimes be tricky. But it is great when we work together as a team to create moments of inspiration."

Marie Förster

Since 2020

"For me the biggest challenge is infusing the technical aspects of OctoPIM and making its versatility and possible uses understandable. Although I don't have an IT background, OctoPIM immediately and intuitively opened up to me. I try to convey this experience in my daily work."

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