OctoPIM is being continually developed. Here is an overview of the features that have already been added as well as upcoming developments.

Zuletzt erschienene Features.

Recent updates

- Bulk processes
Through our new bulk processes feature, bulk editing of your data is possible. Bulk processes simplify and streamline the workflow and, thanks to the simultaneous editing, allow more consistent product data.
Der Screenshot zeigt Bulk Prozesse mit mehreren angewählten Auswahlmöglichkeiten.

- Market-sensitive price attributes
Different product prices can be assigned to different markets.

Upcoming updates

- Preview images
In the product view and overview, it will soon be possible to insert preview images. To ensure your variants are perfectly presented, these preview images will be rewritable at all levels. 

This feature will provide a quick overview and make work easier, especially for product maintainers.

- Product relations
With this feature it will be possible to relate products to one another. For shop users, this will be reflected for example in product recommendations: Article Y is the successor to Product X, Article X can be combined with Article Z, Article Y is a suitable accessory for Product Z, etc. 

With this feature, the use of corresponding filters will also be possible, for example "Show products that are successors to Product X".

- Attribut filter
In addition to the filter options already implemented in OctoPIM, such as productname, status, family, catalog, etc., a further attribute filter is forthcoming. This will make it possible to access a family and the attributes stored in it when searching. Soon you will therefore be able to additionally filter by attributes such as color and size.

- Continuous export
Export is currently done manually with the click of the mouse. Soon however it will be possible to schedule the entire export. In addition, continuous export will be possible. Depending on the settings, products are then automatically changed in the target system. In addition to shop systems, the targets of continuous exports can include messaging systems such as Kafka. 

- Catalogs with dynamic categories
Through dynamic categories, it will soon be possible to automatically populate catalogs according to predefined templates. For example, you can specify that a catalog category will be populated with all trousers in the categories Women, Trousers, and Boyfriend jeans. 

In addition, there will also be whitelisting and blacklisting mechanisms. This will allow you to manually add products despite the automatic populating and also explicitly exclude suitable products. Manual inclusions and exclusions will therefore be possible.

Demnächst erscheinende Features.
Zukünftige Features.

Future updates

- Produkt bundles
A bundle consists of a range of products, e.g., scarf, hat, and gloves. A bundle should have its own attributes and assets (product image with all products), its own price (e.g., cheaper than the sum of the individual products), and its own description.

In addition, two out-of-stock mechanisms are planned:
1.) The specific alternative: A definition for specific replacement products is planned should predefined products not be available.
2.) The general alternative: Regardless of which product is unavailable, a new product is automatically added to the bundle. 

- Export of catalogs
Structural export of catalog information

- Quality 2.0
Dynamic rule creation is in planning.

- Image galleries
In the future there will be a function to create image galleries.

- Dashboard metrics
Further dashboard functions are planned.

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