Why PIM?

Maybe the workload required for effective data maintenance is increasing, expansion into new markets is pressing, or the communication regarding your products needs an upgrade. Whatever the reason for you searching for a system for your product information management, one thing is sure: product information needs particular attention and care for its effective use. We present to you here the reasons why we believe that a PIM system will be essential in the future.  

The advantages

  • Central location

    OctoPIM allows the centralized maintenance and management of all product data.

  • Correct data

    Centralized, automated data maintenance generates complete, consistent, and high-quality
    product information without exhaustive postprocessing.

  • Efficiency

    Intelligent and automated processes make the workflow faster and better.

More information, please.

Bundle product knowledge – ensure consistency

The digital harbor

Many components provide knowledge on relevant product data: multiple actors, abundant formats, different sources, various qualities. The procedure for creating an up-to-date version is pain staking, time-consuming, and prone to errors. A PIM system is the safe digital harbor for your product data, the single point of truth. Here, product knowledge is consolidated and databases centrally saved. A PIM system is the easily accessible knowledge database for all information regarding your products.

Automate workflows – gain time

Keep everything in order

It is well known that it is easier to work at a tidy desk. The same applies to structured data that allow automated processes. A PIM system brings order to your system landscape, delivering the right product data in channel-specific form for different product ranges and sales channels. Intelligent data maintenance optimizes work processes and reduces time-to-market.

Save resources – minimize costs

Think to the future

The integration of new software demands an adjustment and change of everyone who works with your products. This is a lot to ask at first and requires the courage to tackle things and to want to improve them. We believe that an investment in a PIM system and its use allows your company to strategically align itself toward the future and to increase your turnover. We don't just leave you on your own in this process, instead giving the intuitive use of OctoPIM top priority during its development.