Next-generation product
information management

An efficient product information management (PIM) system is becoming an increasingly decisive success factor for businesses. Efficiency results from avoiding unnecessary work steps. We have worked hard to develop one of the most efficient PIM systems on the market. By deliberately avoiding unnecessary features and duplication, while at the same time maximizing modularity, we have created a system that is intuitive to use and can be tailored precisely to suit the needs of your company.

What we value

Variant depth

More freedom

With OctoPIM you have more freedom with regard to variant depth. Whereas other PIM systems often only offer two levels, with OctoPIM you can undertake as many differentiations of the product as you want while avoiding duplications.  

So for a T-shirt for example, instead of only size and color, you can also define other distinguishing features such as the shape of the neckline or the length. Your products will be better presented and workarounds are avoided. You reduce costs and at the same time increase product quality.

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Families and inheritance

More structure

A (product) family is a group of products with similar functions that fulfill a similar market need. You can use a family as a "template" for products, as they represent a classification in which the features of a product are managed. In OctoPIM, attributes and attribute groups define the structure of a product. They thus ensure consistent, comparable, and high-quality product data.

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More efficiency

With specializations we can develop the idea of flexible product variants. Some articles are handled as separate products even though they have almost identical features. For example, a book and the corresponding e-book share virtually the same data, but belong to different product families and so have to be entered twice. 

Through specialization, you have the possibility to maintain products with the same and different attributes as one product. Thanks to this structure, you can process everything in one place. The workflow is significantly streamlined. 

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Markets & internationalization

More overview

A market usually constitutes an economic market like Germany, France, or the EU on which products are offered for sale. Meta information such as languages, currencies, and unit systems can be bundled via markets. This makes it easy to adapt a product range to new markets and to implement linguistic, technical, and, in the future, legal requirements.  

In addition, you can define product attributes so that they reflect market-specific values, for example the declarations on allergens in the EU.

Multi-client capability

More control

OctoPIM supports the possibility to create multiple clients with strictly separated user accounts. The accounts are linked to certain rights. The clients have no reciprocal insight into their data or user administration. 

An international company could for example select its clients based on country.

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User interface

More intuition

We believe in intuitive operation with sensibly linked workflows. For increased efficiency and time savings on your side. For example, you can create and edit a complete product hierarchy of shirts in different colors, sizes, and sleeve lengths with just a few entries. Any restrictions can be set immediately. This saves valuable working time while avoiding errors.

OctoPIM – basic functions


Product management

The heart of OctoPIM: Here products can be generated and edited, product attributes maintained, and variants and articles generated (SKU).

Produkt und Variantenlifecycle

Product and variant life cycle

Products cannot only be imported but also created, maintained, and managed. The productlife cycle describes the process: create, approve, withdraw, archive, and unarchive.

Katalogisierung und Kategorisierung

Cataloging and

Catalogs serve as a structuring tool and for the classification of products. A breakdown according to product type or according to characteristics is possible.


Quality inspection

Consistent data quality is essential for today’s retail business. Rules, transparency, and centralized maintenance ensure complete and consistent high-quality data.



All changes to a product are saved. This can be viewed as the history at product or variant level. In this way you can always see when which change was made.

Import und  Export

Import and export

OctoPIM offers flexible data import and export for products and variants. The qualitative integration of the data and the optimization of the workflow are the priorities.



As a central information system, OctoPIM stands for true omnichannel commerce, in other words the complete networking of all sales channels.



With the scheduler, tasks such as communication with ERP or shop systems can be automated and completed asynchronously.


Screen reader

OctoPIM supports the use of a screen reader for unrestricted access.