Using catalogs: Decoration shop in Christmas fever

In our blog article "Use Case: "Decoration shop” in Christmas fever" we presented the use of OctoPIM for a decoration webshop with Christmas articles in detail. The use of the tool catalogs remained open.  

Catalogs serve as a structuring tool for products. For example, they can be used to bundle products for joint processing or to export them. The possible applications are very diverse, and we will present four of them in more detail in this article.

1. Export of a store category

The classic use of catalogs is the export of an entire store category. In the case of "Der Dekoshop", this could be the category of Christmas tree decorations, which includes products from a wide variety of product groups. From classic tree baubles to fairy lights and fancy tinsel. In the PIM, these products can be combined in one catalog and exported together.

2. Sale %

Products from the previous year that have not been sold can be bundled in a catalog in order to export them to a sale category in the store. An adjustment of all products in this catalog is also quickly possible, for example, to add a reference to the sale in the product description. A price adjustment would be possible in the PIM, but is usually maintained in the store.

3. Promotional pages

For the theme pages "Scandinavian Christmas" and "Rustic Christmas in Wood", catalogs can be created in OctoPIM that bundle the appropriate products. These catalogs then contain products from a wide variety of product groups, families and store categories. Bundling enables fast and effective processing and adaptation of the products to the promotion page. Subsequently, the entire catalog can be copied for the promotion page.

This screenshot shows the promotional page Scandinavian Christmas with four cataloges: tree decoration, decoration elements, sale and textiles.

4. Purpose-oriented bundlin

Bundling according to use can also be useful. For example, the "Advent Calendar" catalog can be used to collect all the products needed to make a calendar, such as paper bags, cardboard numbers and ribbon. On the other hand, all products that are used to fill the Advent calendar can be bundled in this catalog. For example, small decorative pendants.

The screenshot shows the catalogs, the number of categories within the catalogs, as well as the number of products and articles (difference products and articles see...)